TV and Radio


Sunday 11 October 1.15pm (BBC1)
Songs of Praise Claire McCollum visits a restaurant partly run by prison inmates, and Pam Rhodes meets the Revd Jonathan Aitken.

Sunday 11 October 9pm (BBC2)
Enslaved with Samuel L. Jackson A look at 400 years of human trafficking from Africa to the New World (1/4).

Monday 12 October 7.30pm (BBC2)
Mastermind One of the specialist subjects is William Tyndale.



Sunday 11 October 5.30am (World Service)
Heart and Soul Two friends discuss standing up to someone who wants to kill you because of your faith.

Sunday 11 October 8.10am (R4)
Sunday Worship In a service from Ewenny Priory, the Bishop of Llandaff, the Rt Revd June Osborne, reflects on the way our history and context shape us.

Sunday 11 October 3pm (R3)
Choral Evensong A repeat of last week’s service from St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington, recorded on 20 September.

Wednesday 14 October 3.30pm (R3)
Choral Evensong Live from Canterbury Cathedral.

Wednesday 14 October 4pm (R4)
Thinking Allowed Laurie Taylor looks at the polymaths who have contributed to the growth of knowledge.

Thursday 15 October 10pm (R3)
Free Thinking Matthew Sweet talks to the bio­grapher Peter Salmon about Jacques Derrida’s influence on what is valued.

[Jo Spray]