TV and Radio


Sunday 24 May: 11.45am (BBC4)
Sunday Worship from Bangor Cathedral

Sunday 24 May: 1.15pm (BBC1)
Songs of Praise: Stories of faith

Wednesday 27 May: 9.00pm (Channel 4)
Britains Unsung Heroes: About key workers

Thursday 28 May: 8.05pm (BBC1)
Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health



Sunday 24 May: 8.10am (R4)
Sunday Worship: The Bishop of Sheffield

Sunday 24 May: 3.00pm (R3)
Choral Evensong from Christ Church, Oxforf

Wednesday 27 May: 3.30pm (R3)
Choral Evensong from St David’s Cathedral

Thursday 28 May: 10.00pm (R3)
Free Thinking: A repeat of a conversation with Rowan Williams

[Jo Spray]