TV and Radio


Sunday 9 August: 1.15pm (BBC1)
Songs of Praise: A look at the Christian campaigners who founded the National Trust 125 years ago

Monday 10 August: 9.00pm (BBC2)
Once upon a time in Iraq: Last in the series focuses on the effect of the rise of Islamic State in Iraq

Thursday 12 August: 9.15pm (ITV)
The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom: the pensioner who raised more than £30m for the NHS tells his life story



Sunday 9 August: 6.30am (World Service)
Heart and Soul: What Will organised religion look like post pandemic?

Sunday 9 August: 8.10am (R4)
Sunday Worship: An exploration of the cross as a symbol of hope and liberation

Sunday 9 August: 3.00pm (R3)
Choral Evensong: A recording from St Martin in the Fields

Sunday 9 August: 5.00pm (R3)
Words and Music: An edition marking the 75th anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Wednesday 12 August: 3.30pm (R3)
Choral Evensong:  A live broadcast from St Martin in the Fields sung by the BBC singers

[Jo Spray]