‘“Gwnewch y pethau bychain”
“Do the little things’”

These are considered to be St David’s most famous words, and potentially his final ones. St David believed that the people of Wales should do the small, considerate things that often make a big difference. Our minds often focus on the “big things” that we are pushing toward, but each day is also an opportunity to do the little things and to enjoy and experience the “little blessings” that come our way. It can be really encouraging to savour the subtle reminders of God’s love and grace each day; they can help free us from what we idolize and from the anxiety that can at times consume us.

“Lord Jesus help me today to be surprised by Your grace;
anxiety’s daily antidote, subtle gifts in a noisy world.
Open my eyes to see and receive grace
in the vast mystery of subtlety.


[Andrew Pritchard-Keens]