I have enjoyed this Hymn. It was translated from the 8th century German (another translation is “Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire”), by James Quinn, of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus. He was involved in Ecumenical affairs in the 1960’s and 70’s and part of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

We are in the season of Trinity, but the Holy Spirit is still very active, and this hymn is part of the order of service for daily prayer.

Creator Spirit, Lord of grace,
come, make in us your dwelling place;
O purest Light, in darkness shine;
fill loveless hearts, O Love Divine.

Consoler, hear your people’s cry;
come down, O Gift of God, Most High.
Descend in peace, O heav’nly Dove;
come Fount of Life; come Flame of Love.

As once on Christ the Servant’s head
the oil of sevenfold grace you shed,
so now anoint from love’s deep springs
your chosen prophets, priests and kings.

Of ev’ry gift the living source,
of mighty deeds the unseen force,
the Father sends his promised One
to speak for all who serve his Son.

Keep far all those who wish us ill,
O Dove of Peace, be with us still,
in ev’ry danger at our side
O Friend, befriend us; be our guide.

Reveal to us the Father’s love,
reveal his Son, who reigns above.
To truth, O Truth, make us all true;
in love, O Love, make all things new.

 [Janet Lawrence]