It will be a delight to come back to worship in church, for worship is one way we express our love of God. And to do this together in our church building will be wonderful.

It will be strange – unreal and probably disconcerting, as we have to be so careful to observe the rules and guidance to keep everyone safe.

When we go to church we go to offer our worship to God in a particular way – not the only way, but it is to give with others an offering to God whom we acknowledge as Lord and Jesus his Son who died and rose for us.

What can we expect to receive when we come to church now and when things are normal?

This thought is not original but worth passing on.

We want to receive comfort. Comfort from being with other people, many who will be or will become friends. How important we have learned is human company – even if not contact. We receive comfort from the liturgy, the reassurances of God’s love, forgiveness, and his presence with us, in what may be well loved words.

We hope to receive inspiration for the week ahead, whatever it may bring. Perhaps being in a beautiful building, the music – not singing sadly at the moment, through the gospel message preached, that God’s Spirit is with us, that we can do the tasks he sets us. New ideas to keep us on track with him.

And we should want to receive a challenge, reminding us of Gods values, of the tasks he sets his followers to bring his good news (gospel) to the world.

Sometimes it may be more of one than another, but it need never be just a ritual we go through because we have always done so. We go to church to give and to receive.

Not everybody will be able to come back to worship straight away. But the wonderful thing about our God is that we don’t have to be in a particular building to worship Him and to receive comfort, inspiration, and challenge.

“He is closer than breathing, nearer than hands or feet”.  Praise him.

[Janet Lawrence]