“On the first day of the week …..
an angel said to the women,
‘Do not be afraid;
I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified.
He is not here; … He has been raised…..’,
So the women left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy,
and ran to tell His disciples….”
(Matthew 28 verses 1 – 8)

A famous quote says,

“Smile and the world smiles with you….”

Aesop wrote a fable that shares the same sentiment, “that the ‘world’ is a mirror of your state of mind, if ‘you’ are OK, then ‘you’ will perceive that everybody around you is OK too…” Joy can definitely be contagious—and it costs nothing to share it with those around us. Maybe today you will have the opportunity to reach out to somebody close to you who is struggling to find peace or joy. Perhaps you will have the chance to remind them that they are loved and cherished.

Risen Jesus,
life can be challenging,
but I find joy in Your loving care.
Teach me to share the joy in my heart
with those who are besieged by fear and darkness.
Let me be a source of hope and comfort
so that Your presence
may be known to many.

At times we all struggle to feel joy – and we are all living through difficult times; life is not easy for so many of us at the moment. Here is another prayer that may be helpful for us to pray for ourselves and others,

“May the God of all hope fill you (me) with
joy and peace
as you (I) trust in Him,
so that you (I) may be overflowing with hope
by the power of the Holy Spirit.
(Romans 15 verse 13)


[Andrew Pritchard-Keens]