I lean over the allotment fence, heart sad,
For all is dark dreary, bedraggled and bleak.
The sky is uniform grey,
The last plants decaying, unkempt.
The water meadows bearing the boggy remains of the floods.

Yet behind me in a tree a robin sings.
Looking closer I see fattening buds.
I see tentative green shoots.
God’s promises are being renewed.
Such potential all around me, as a blue streak appears in the sky.
There will be blossom, greenery and fruits and vegetables.
There will be hope and joy, work and companionships renewed.
The allotments will fulfil their purposes

At this dark time, we celebrate the Baptism of Christ.
We know of our own baptism and the new birth it signifies,
That we have such potential for spiritual growth,
To blossom, to change, to grow and fruit. To share and fulfil God’s gifts.

He says, “Behold I make all things new”.

We pray God can use us to give, love, joy and purpose:
To feed others to the glory of his name.

[Janet Lawrence]