A friend of mine told me the story of his family repeatedly asking their dad, “Are we there yet?” They were going to see a beautiful park in the USA. What none of them knew was that they had missed a road sign and they were already in the park but not enjoying it!

“If this were your last day, hour, minute, or breath, imagine how you might drink in the daylight, taste the twilight, touch the stars, smell the sunshine, delight at songbirds, listen to the look of your loved ones, bow before the sanctity of a stranger, be carried away with astonishment, and be beside yourself with awe at the wonder of it all. Perhaps we engage life in its fullness when we stop asking if we are “there” yet and live into the unfolding and radical realization that we are always already ‘here’. For it is only ‘here’ that we can really be, wholly present and fully engaged; and no matter where we go, there is where we are”.
(Joseph Grant)

God’s promise to us is a wonderful one,

“Know that I am with you
and will keep you wherever you go”
(Genesis 28 verse 15)

[Andrew Pritchard-Keens]