“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.”

It occurred to me the other day that a lamp that is held by you is able to show you where you are and can enable you to take the next step on your journey through life. Also that a light up ahead of you can show you somewhere that is en route to where you are heading or even your final destination itself.  In the Bible there is wisdom and guidance for us all. At times we will find general guidance that we all need to hear and at times need to be reminded of. At other times we may find that the Bible ‘speaks’ to us incredibly personally; it gives us insight into a life situation that we are facing or equips us for circumstances that will come our way in the future.

Some people speak of the Bible as being the maker’s manual that shows us how we can operate and function at our best. It also can warn us of the presence of anything that would harm us.  Others talk of the Bible as being like the ‘menu’ that shows us all the good things that there are for us to enjoy in life. We are so fortunate to have Bibles and the work of scholars to help us understand them. We are also privileged to have the help of the Holy Spirit to help us to read and understand God’s ‘instructions’ for our well-being and His ‘invitations’ to live and enjoy life at its best.

[Andtre Pritchard-Keens]