“Now during those days (Jesus)
went out to the mountain to pray;
and He spent the night in prayer to God.”
(Luke 6 verse 12)

Often we find ourselves surrounded by all sorts of pressures and demands. It can be really important to acknowledge these but at the same time not to let them dominate and rule our lives. We do not ignore the challenges we face, but at the same time we do not let them fill our thoughts and lives. It can be helpful to remember that Jesus took time away from the pressures of the world around Him and spent time in prayer before having to deal with daily concerns. We too can benefit when we take time to quiet ourselves and talk with God about all that we are facing in our lives.

Dear Lord Jesus,
today let me not be overwhelmed
by this bruised world.
Help me to find Your path to peace within.
Help me not to ignore the pain of hurt people.
Help me not to disregard the demands that I face.
Instead help me to find that place of inner peace,
so that worries don’t fill me
but instead peace flows from me.

[Andrew Pritchard-Keens]