Support Network

Do you need support at this time?

Perhaps we can offer help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All information sent via these support links is confidential, and your name and details will not be passed on without your explicit consent.

General Assistance

Whilst there are other fantastic and well-connected networks out there, like the Olney Covid19 group who you can contact on 07309 464422, we understand you might prefer a friendly face from the church to help you. We would be delighted to call the OlneyCovid 19 group and liaise with them on your behalf.

Tech Help

We know how daunting it can be to suddenly find yourself reliant on electronic communication. We have a people who are “tech-savvy” who can gently explain functions to you, overcome glitches, or talk you through what Apps and programmes might be of use.

Anxious or Low?

Are you feeling anxious or low? We have qualified and trained members of the church family who are ready and available to listen to you and speak to you over the phone.

Phone Pal

Do you remember having a pen pal when you were at school? How about a phone pal to keep contact with? We have a growing network of folk who would like a daily chat. Would you like to be part of this gang?