The Mission

To provide a summer camp for children aged between 5-12 years in the London Deanery.  In particular we are working with two local London deanery churches to support the children and families living in an area of high deprivation, where families are surviving on “no or very low income”.  

To foster and build relationships and strengthen the local community.

Investing support and training for the future, and developing and nurturing the heart of the community bringing healing to a fragmented and broken area.

To grow young leaders and develop volunteers, creating a wider team to support the future of both deaneries (areas - London Ontario and Newport Buckinghamshire) the many local churches and village and town communities within these areas.

To foster and develop the relationship with the Deanery of Newport in the Oxford Diocese of England and the Deanery of London, Huron Diocese of Canada.   Creating a culture of cross learning and friendship, through skill exchange and leadership.

Resources and Finance
Summer Camp equipment will be provided locally and will be a mixture of reusable/recycled elements with some purchases.  
The Canadian and UK adults and student leaders are raising funds towards their costs. For many of the UK students this remains a challenge as they balance studies and fund raising