Church Opening Times

From 21 January until further notice:

(Click here to download a PDF version)

The following safety measures (amongst others) will be in place:

  • A 10am service on Sundays only
  • Christmas services will be advertised on the website and social media
  • Social distancing of 2 metres between individuals, families and bubbles
  • A limited number of people at any one service
  • Face masks must be worn
  • Hand sanitisers will be available, and are to be used on arrival and departure
  • Congregation details will be retained for 21 days for Track and Trace purposes
  • Donations by card, contactless or chip and pin can be made after the service
  • The organ will be played, but there will be no singing
  • The toilet will be available
  • No church bibles may be used – please bring your own if you wish to use one
  • Service sheets will be supplied, and should be retained for subsequent weeks if possible
  • To manage numbers, please book by a space by 5pm on the Saturday before the service
  • Click here to email and book, or call Katie on 01234 241721