Congratulations on your decision to have a baptism!

The act of baptism calls upon God’s love and through it we recognise and give thanks for his unique gift of life to each of us. We also ask for his protection for those being baptised and ask the church family to give their support. As we are baptised, we are no longer alone but are members of the local and worldwide Christian family.

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Whether you have just begun your plans to have a baptism service or whether you are well into the planning already, we want to help and support you. From your first contact with us to the first baptismal anniversary and beyond, we’re here for you at every step. For more information about arranging a baptism, contact our baptism co-ordinator.


All are welcome for baptism at St Peter and St Paul, and we look forward to getting to know you and your family. Before you progress with the baptism into Christ’s family, we believe you should meet the existing church family and should participate in the regular practice of gathering for worship. Service times are available here. Please make yourself known to the baptism co-ordinator/rector when you attend these services, so that they may get to know you and pray for you and your family as you make this important decision.


Space to think…

You will then be invited to attend a baptism preparation course. This course runs over one Saturday morning and we invite you to attend this session with the minister and others planning baptisms. These sessions provide time and space to think about the promises that are made within the service and the significance of these commitments made.


The Baptism

Your Minister and the team will do all they can to make the day a personal, meaningful and spiritual experience for you and your guests.


First Anniversary and beyond…

We will always be there for you and wish to support you as you keep the promises you made at the baptism service. Whether it was for you or for your friend or child, we would be delighted to mark the first anniversary of the baptism by praying for you.

Frequently asked questions…

Can only regular churchgoers have a baptism service?

The church believes that God’s love is available for all, regardless of their background. You may wish to find out more about the Christian faith and what joining the Church involves before you make a decision about baptism.

How old do I need to be for baptism?

Age is not important, what is really important is that those who are asking for baptism believe it is the right thing to do. Baptism is offered to children or adults alike.

As an adult you will make a proclamation that you believe in God and promise to follow Christ. For all infants being baptised this proclamation and promise is made by the parents on their behalf. When a child reaches maturity they can affirm their own faith through Confirmation.

Is it expensive to have a baptism service?

A baptism service is absolutely free! The most costly element is the heavy commitment and promises made at the service, either by the individual being baptised, or on their behalf if they are infants.

Why choose Godparents and Sponsors?

Godparents and Sponsors are adults who will support the person being baptised. It is more common for an infant to have Godparents and for an adult to have a Sponsor.

Godparents make the same promises on behalf of the child being baptised as parents. Godparents promise to pray and support the child, and to help bring them up in the Christian faith. It is an important and responsible role.

For a child, you should choose at least three Godparents: two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. Godparents can be family members or friends. However, it is important that you choose people who will take an interest in your child’s spiritual welfare, and who will pray for you and your child. They must be baptised.

Sponsors are adults who promise to help and support an adult being baptised in their life as a Christian. It is a responsible and demanding role. The Sponsor should be committed to praying for the individual and supporting them as new members of the Christ’s family. The Sponsor must be baptised.